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Gol Namak


Mineral salt rock after being extracted from the salt rock mine and grading base on size, quality and purity, depending on its application in the form of batches, is ready to be marketed to the target market, in the mine. Apart from the subset factories of the Golnamak factories group which consume daily a large part of the salt produced in Garmsar Milad salt mine for the processing and production of industrial, edible and mineral salts, about 500 to 1000 tons of salt rock are produced and supplied daily, depending on the market requirement and orders of the production applicants. Of course, some of the salt produced to meet the applicants orders of road salt or antifreeze salts is ready to be sold, in the form of crushed and bulked or packaged in one-ton or higher big bags. Salt rock is sent to salt factories to produce a variety of industrial and edible salt. At the industrial salt factory, high-quality salt rocks are transported to the crusher and packed after crushing and grading. Although the variety of industrial salt grading is very different, but for the convenience of communicating with the customer and of course not complicating the order registration process, the Golnamak factory group, divides all types of grading into four general sections, from coarse to fine: fishery, sugary, shellfish, and powder.


GolNamak factory group


Golnamak Company is a well known name for all salt consumers in the field of producing various types of industrial salt granulation with the most attention to detail and the highest quality and best packaging. The Golnamak Factory produces a variety of products that are sold both domestically and exported...

Kohan namak

Kohan Namak Co. One of the largest industrial and mineral salt producing complexes in the Middle East Salt Pole is the Garmsar Salt Zone, where most of the salt-consuming industries are either currently using or have already purchased products. Sometimes some salt sellers and suppliers in many different industries market...

Milad mine

Milad Salt Mine of Garmsar Due to the high volume of salt reserves and the high purity average of its products is one of the first choices for each purchaser if these two parameters are important. That is, it seeks a supplier that in addition to being able to manufacture...

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