Milad mine

گل نمک 30 October 2019 124

Milad Salt Mine of Garmsar Due to the high volume of salt reserves and the high purity average of its products is one of the first choices for each purchaser if these two parameters are important. That is, it seeks a supplier that in addition to being able to manufacture high volume orders, also guarantees product quality.

It is interesting to know that if one day the Milad mine does not work for any reason, that is, it is closed, all other mines together cannot serve our customers. This is not just a claim. When it is said to be the largest salt rock mine in the Middle East it must be proven.

Experience has shown that the sales of all salt mine products in the region-all of which have good specifications and can be used in various industries-will flow smoothly alongside the Milad mine, Not without it.

– Extraction of more than 1000 tons of salt per day, the possibility of increasing the production volume to 2000 tons per day

– Possibility of daily production of 1000 tons of road salt with antifreeze application

– Possibility of daily production of 1000 tons of mix salt with high quality

– Manufacture of handpicked salt rock with specified dimensions for high volume orders

– Equipped with advanced equipment and machinery for salt rock extraction and transportation