Refined salt by recrystallization

گل نمک 30 October 2019 111

In Iran, according to existing standards, a sodium chloride salt that its sodium chloride purity is more than 99.2%,  and its other compounds do not exceed a certain amount, will be awarded a license of the production and packaging of edible salt license. Of course, this standard applies only to refined salt. So, if the mineral salt with very high purity is not refined, according to the Food and Drug Administration, it will not be authorized to use in the edible sector and food industry.

Salt refined by recrystallization


Code 22a: 200 to 400 microns without iodine

Code 22b: 200 to 400 microns iodized

Code 21a: 300 to 500 microns without iodine

Code 21b: 300 to 500 microns iodized

Code 28: 0 to 200 microns iodized