About us

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About us:

Golnamak factories Group has been active in supplying the need of industries depend on industrial salt production for more than three decades.

Producing different types of grained salt with the highest precision in grading and the highest quality in purity of products due to having one of the largest and purest salt rock mines in the region, has made a great contribution to the domestic and even international markets in the region of west Asia, central Asia, the Caucasus and the Middle East.

Facilities and abilities:

  • Salt exports to Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Oman, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Afghanistan, …
  • Production of different types of industrial graded-salts in packing of 20kg to 50kg and 1 to 2 MT big bags
  • Production and sale of refined salt in recrystallization method with purity of 5.99% to 9.99%
  • Daily production of more than 1000 tons of types of grained-salt
  • Possibility of daily production of 1000 tons of road salt with antifreeze application
  • Ability to produce 500 tons of drilling salt per day in jumbo bags
  • Manufacture of handpicked salt rock with specified dimensions for high volume orders
  • Supply all orders in the shortest time, most reasonable price and high purity
  • Best cooperation in shipping and clearance in ports and border crossings of the country
  • The only set with industrial heaters to improve salt quality
  • Possibility to increase production ceiling by twice the current production volume to meet large orders
  • More than 30 years of experience in producing types of drilling salt, edible, industrial, …
  • Equipped with advanced equipment and machinery for salt rock extraction, production and transportation of industrial and edible products.

Records and Activities:

Exploiting the Middle East’s largest salt mine and daily extracting more than 1,000 tons of salt rock and other salt-related products in the mine and as well as daily production of more than 500 tons of industrial and grained- salt and activity for over 30 years in the industry of industrial and edible salt, has resulted all the industries and trades that know the salt, use and demand salt, and get familiar with the name and quality of our products.

Although the high volume of the products of Golnamak Factories Group is dedicated to export, we have not neglected to look at domestic markets and meet the needs of different salt-dependent industries and we have been collaborating with numerous clients with a history of working in various industries for about 20 years.

For many years, during the cold season, a part of the salt used by municipalities in various cities for snow removal and resolving the sliding on the urban pathways among cities, has been provided by the factories Group of Golnamak (Milk Salt rock Mine).

Also providing part of the country’s need for salt in preparing drilling fluids for the extraction of oil and gas has always been the pride of the Golnamak Factories.

In the current situation when unfair the US and European sanctions face our country’s economy with different challenges, it is our duty to do our utmost to take into account the economic conditions of the community, the liquidity of the guilds, and the purchasing power of the people, and to sympathy and work more closely with various industries to increase productivity in turn a reasonable price.

Golnamak Factories Group is proud to announce that it has done its best to adapt to current conditions in the years of economic crisis with its past and permanent customers in a way, it has never overcooked its customers for even less than half its increase in costs up to a year.