گل نمک 23 October 2019 125

Production of salt with desirable quality and standard iodine for Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Iraq and packaging according to the required size and material; Production of edible and industrial salt with the required quality according to application for all orders in countries: Russia, Armenia, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Turkey and also the ability to supply order to other countries in the region in the last two decades has made the Golnamak factory group one of the most recognized and famous brands in our country export market. Thanks to Almighty God, there are today’s fewest salt buyers and consumers in the Middle East who have never used or use salt to meet their need; Maybe even sometimes it was the products of mines and factories of the Golnamak factory that were sold under another brand in different markets, of course, because of the importance of Golnamak factory group brand, it was also possible to misuse and copy our packaging that this possibility has been greatly reduced due to brand registration and subsequent follow-up.

Salt export to Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Oman, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Afghanistan, etc.

Production of industrial salts in packing of 20kg to 50kg and one to two ton big bags

Production and sale of refined salt with crystallization method with the purity of 5.99% to 9.99%

Daily production of more than 1000 tons of grained-salt

Possibility of daily production of 1000 tons of road salt with antifreeze application

Ability to produce 500 tons of drilling salt per day in jumbo bags

Manufacture of handpicked salt rock with specified dimensions for high volume orders

Supply all orders in the shortest time, most reasonable price and high purity

Best cooperation in shipping and clearance in ports and border crossings of the country

The only set with industrial heaters to improve salt quality

Possibility to increase production ceiling by twice the current production volume to meet large orders

More than 30 years of experience in producing types of drilling salt, edible, industrial, …

Equipped with advanced equipment and machinery for salt rock extraction, production and transportation of industrial and edible products