Industrial-mineral salt (Powder salt)

گل نمک 14 April 2020 91

Knowing the name of industrial salt does not mean that it comes from a combination of several substances or a chemical reaction; No; it is named industrial salt only for its high use of crushed salt in various industries.

what is Powder salt

All of these named industrial mineral salt: rock salt extracted from mines or crushed salts with different types of aggregates produced in industrial salt factories. which is because directly usage of mineral salt(no refined) as table salt, for example, is not acceptable in kitchens. But the use of industrial salts as a raw material is common in many food and feed manufacturers.

Powder salt: Finest grading size from 50 to 300 microns

Code 01: 50 to 300 microns

Code 26: 0 to 100 microns